Welcome to Vyanabrie.com



Hi all! Im so excited to present Vyanabrie.com to you!

It has been a long journey and I figured what better way to start the year than to finally get my own personal domain not only as a portfolio for my work and clients but to have my own personal space where I can connect to people who support me and share on a more personal level.

I can't believe this is my life, I say that all the time to be able to fully express myself and live in my gift is a true blessing, I honestly never imagined that at twenty-three this would be my reality. Not saying its been easy but its beyond worth the struggle to see the growth I've attained as a woman,artist, entrepreneur and realizing how much further i need to go.

Its surreal to feel your dreams and aspirations unfolding it's almost a paralyzing feeling because you don't want to fail, but I've learned in life there is no failure just lessons. So looking forward toward prosperity in 2016 I'm interested in what God has in store for me I know it'll be for my best outcome. Especially starting my own clothing brand has been a huge leap of faith but I'm so ready,I have been harboring SAULT in my heart for a while now so to even see a bit of manifestation of it blows my mind.

Speaking of mind blowing while creating this site i had to stop to just to look at all the opportunity I've been afforded almost brings me to tears to have a body of work that i can truly say I'm honored to have and the projects I've been apart of and created in such a short time of working in this industry.

It's humbling because I know I would have never made it this far on my own without the help and support of family,friends, creatives I've met along the way, and most of all God.I truly believe being a genuine person with integrity will get you far, someone may look at my work and not think of it what I do but they didn't put the labor and love in it like i did to know how special every project was and is to me.

These photos are from the shoot I did with Anthony IG: @shoot_1st for website content,headers ect.

We have known each other for like a million years so its always fun and relaxing shooting with him and he takes amazing effortless photos. Its great to build working relationships with friends because you know they always have the best intention at heart for you.





Thats why I'm so over joyed to share this site, create content, and blogs for everyone to feel those emotions i feel when I'm creating or working on something I'm passionate about because its nothing better than to share in the celebration of another!

Thank you all so much for your support your are greatly valued and loved I will be posting new content on a regular basis so come back soon! Let me know what you think!



Black Turtle Neck: Zara

Black Structured Moto Jacket: Zara

Thigh high boots: ZigiNy

for sale on my Depop: @Yinnibrie size 7.5

Custom Extensions by Beautylockshair.com