HDSPLY THE HOOD SUPPLY LLC, Launched 2019. HDSPLY is an e-commerce business specializing in beauty, cosmetics, & personal care. Currently THE HOOD SUPPLY is strictly e-commerce.Our brand is a modern take on the common neighborhood beauty supply store in most Los Angeles communities. Which in many cases are a one stop shopping experience for essentials including hair care, cosmetics, and accessories. Not only is the beauty supply a necessity in these communities but has become apart of mainstream culture. The Beauty Supply for millennials holds nostalgic memories of coming of age and purchasing your first beauty item whether it be lip-gloss, or a golden pair of hoop earrings etc. The Hood Supply strives to elevate common beauty essentials in the form of quality tangible items while still providing familiarity. An important part of our business is to drive our narrative as a black owned company to promote positivity and an uplifting environment for our customer through marketing and give the experience of shopping in your beloved neighborhood beauty supply to a worldwide audience.